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Canon 7D dSLR in Ikelite UW housing. Equipped with dual Ikelite DS161 strobes. Pictures of broken Liveview-button/lever.
Broken live-view lever on the housing.The whole camera rig with stobes on standard Ikelite arms assembled.Yellow polyurethane foam tubes (aka. pool or water noodles) fitted around stobe arms for better buoancy and underwater balance.Rear view of the rig. The strobe sync cables have been routed with cable ties so that cables stay out of the way of fingers.Front view, showing here with Ikelite 8 inch dome used with Tokina 10-17 FE lens.The rig can be tethered to left shoulder D-ring by a strap that allows quick disengagement in case of entanglement. Green strap on picture.A big plastic box for safer storage on-board a boat and and used for transportation of the rig as well. Here the rig is in upright position and ready to go for a dive. The white tube acts as a handle