Woke up early to get most of the snowfall day. I had to buy ne goggles on the way down, as my old goggles were really ancient, like 20 years old, and now decided it was a good time get proper new ones. It was snowing hard all day and visibility was poor. So decided to stay below tree line as much as possible. Now headed to the other side of the Val Gardena to St. Christina and then up to Seceda, and the 12 km long run down to Ortisei. There were hardly any people out on the slopes, so could enjoys skiing knee deep fresh powder all by myself. Managed to cover over 100 km of total distance, 55 km downhill and 11332 meters vertical decent on this day. It was really great to ski Alpine deep powder again. 4600 kCal burned, so I was pretty hungry after this.
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