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Diving at the wreck of Coolaroo (bow) on 11 September 2011. Sukellusta Coolaroon keulaosalla 11.9.2011. Location/sijainti 60.01,09 N 24.52,70 E
The other divers going down past us.The usual location for ascend line. Now we had to use sonar to find the wreck and threw down a marker line.Valve to the refrigator system? Coolaroo was a refrigerator (or reefer) ship.a look insidedoor to the forward cabinjellyfishHere the bow section ends, at 15 m depth. When you go up the hill from here, you will find the ship's engine. On this dive we didn't go there.Electrical equipment?at the west end there is a forward cabin and it's remains.Still closer....Closer look at the anchor.