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Underwater pictures from S/S Park Victory wreck at Uto, Finland. Location North 59 46,098 East 21 24,051 WGS84. Taken in July 2010 with Canon 7D, Tokina 10-17mm FE or Canon 60mm EF-S macro, 2x Ikelite DS161 strobes. More about the wreck:
on the first day there was plenty of "gas", which you can see floating here above the cargo holdlooking up the rear mast towards sun at surfacecargo hold 4left side, below the bridgeinsidelife boat launchesthe line to surfaceship bollards on right side rear sectiona big reelanchor winch at bow, here there is usually a line to surfacethe bow compartmentthe bowgenerator?cargo hold 4, left side at front, the hull is broken open so you can swim through inside the ship and come out from the cargo hold opening