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The MFP-498 was a German Kriegsmarine transport barge which sank on 18th July 1944 near Gåskvättan. MFP-498 was towing other barges when it was bombed by attacking Soviet Union war planes and sank. The barge was 48 meters, 220 dwt, had 3 diesel engines and was armed with 20mm and 47mm guns. The MFP-class “Marinefährprahm” barges were designed and built in Germany for the purpose of invading England. Some 20 of such barges were operating in the Bay of Finland during WW2. The wreck of MFP-498 was found in 1984 with all ammunition intact. The wreck lies upright in depth of 22 meters and can only be dived with a special permission from the Finnish Military museum.