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My dive number 748. Dive log at:
First and check dive for this liveaboard. Wake up was at 05:45. Briefing at 6:15 by Chris at main lounge. Then we all went to the diving dhoni Sirina. Dhoni left Voyager about 6:40, it was going to be 15 min boat ride to the dive spot, east side of the atoll outer rim.
We arrived at the diving location just about 7:00, and Jules went to water to probe for current. Current was going SW, so the Dhoni dropped us upstream. Our guide Nannu went first, then me, Nick, Annie, Tom. Then all were ready and we descended to the reef slope to about 14 meters, then slowly descending down to 22 m. The other teams followed. The current was moderate and there were lots of divers from many boats in the water. Apparently a popular spot for check dives. There were lots of fishes on the move, we could see a couple of baby sharks. Then a few encounters with Manta Rays. One Manta approached me directly and passed me just a few meters away. I got some good pictures. I saw a few bushes of anemones with anemone fishes on them and attempted to take pictures.
At 48 min the guide wanted us to start ascending to safety stop. We also deployed the SMB’s. We did safety stop at 5 m for 3 min then to surface, and back to dhoni. MV Voyager had left the harbor and met us near the dive site. Then back to Voyager and breakfast. Voyager started to sail west towards Rashdoo atoll.