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Created 2-Aug-16
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Me and Minna did a one week Northern Italy summer tour by train from 2016-07-15 to 2016-07-24. We flew to Milano and stayed a day. Then by train to Monterosso via Genova. From there via Pisa to Firenze. Then to Venezia. And finally back to Milano.
2016-07-15 Italia2016-07-16 Italia, Milano, Genova, Monterosso2016-07-17 Italia, Cinque Terre2016-07-18 Italia, La Spezia, Pisa, Firenze2016-07-19 Italia, Firenze2016-07-20 Italia, Firenze-Venezia2016-07-21 Italia, Venezia2016-07-22 Italia, Venezia-Milano2016-07-23 Italia, Milano2016-07-24 Italia, MilanoMinnaHotels