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Created 19-Jul-19
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Scuba diving trip with friends (Ian, Antti, Vode, Sonja, Jaakko) to Philippines from 2017-12-22 to 2018-01-08. We flew via Seoul to Cebu and back. Dived at Cabilao and Malapascua.
These are the travel pics.
Underwater photos at
2017-12-22 fly-to-Seoul2017-12-23 Seoul day-12017-12-24 Seoul day-22017-12-25 Seoul day-32017-12-26 Cebu-to-Cabilao2017-12-27 Cabilao day-12017-12-28 Cabilao day-22017-12-29 Cabilao day-32017-12-30 Cabilao day-42017-12-31 from Cabilao to Malapascua2018-01-01 Malapascua day-12018-01-02 Malapascua day-22018-01-03 Malapascua day-32018-01-04 Malapascua day-42018-01-05 Malapascua day-52018-01-06 Malapascua day-62018-01-07 Malapascua to Cebu2018-01-08 Return home