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Created 5-Jun-19
Modified 7-Jun-21
Scuba diving trip with my diving club Kupla to Hiiumaa in Estonia, in Finnish langunage called Hiidenmaa.
We left Helsinki 29th May 2019 and returned 2nd June.
Read more at my blog in Finnish: at
2019 Hiidenmaa2019-05-29 Wednesday2019-05-30 dive 1 Vest wreck2019-05-30 Thursday2019-05-31 dive 2 Ernst Russ steamship2019-05-31 Friday2019-06-01 dive 3 Akula submarine2019-06-01 dive 4 Altair shipwreck2019-06-01 Saturday2019-06-02 dive 5 Rummu quarry2019-06-02 Sunday